Proper foot care is paramount to the overall treatment of Diabetes; it is essential that utilizing any preventative measures to ensure the reduction of complications should be included in a treatment plan. It is also well established that wearing socks when you have diabetes is important for daily foot care. But are some diabetic socks better than others? Yes they certainly are!

This synthetic fiber has excellent moisture control and resists stretching as happens with natural fibers such as cotton, combined with 20% spandex/elastic to insure that the sock conforms to the foot and returns to its original relaxed state after washing which extends the products life.

Comfort Series

The Comfort Series contains all of the available features which has made this our most popular product line to date

Item# 9311 Large Black Crew
Item# 9321 Large White Crew
Item# 9211 Medium Black Crew
Item# 9221 Medium White Crew

Dress Series

The Dress Series contains all of the available features in a thinner weave.

Item# 8211 Large Black Crew
Item# 8311 Medium Black Crew


This series has all of the features as well as a Conical knit leg that allows the sock to remain high up on the leg as well as an anti-slip sole for additional stability.

Item# 7312 Large Black Knee-High
Item# 7212 Medium Black Knee-High